Psalm 46:10

(Some thoughts that crossed my mind today and haven’t left.)

We don’t deserve to exist.
God, out of his great love, created the world and created us out of nothing. God didn’t have to create but he did. God made us uniquely, individually, intentionally. God chose to make us, to love us, to dwell with us and within us. God chose to redeem us even while we were running away from him, ignoring him, denying him. God made us and he wants to know us.

We serve a God that is creator, sustainer, sovereign. We serve a God that loves us. No matter where we are at in our journey with him. Our God loved us before we were born. He desired us though we are stuck in sin. He redeems us from that. And he still loves us even when we screw up.

WOW, what an awesome God we serve!

I definitely do not stop enough to think about this. I don’t stop to just meditate on how sovereign, perfect, merciful, powerful, and loving our God is.

Psalm 46:10 was not a suggestion, but a command.

“Be still and know that I am God.”
(Some translations say “Cease striving and know that I am God.”)

Just STOP.
Stop running, moving, stressing. And think about who God is. Think about the things that you know to be true about God. Think about what God has done for you.
These moments of reflection can oftentimes be the crucial moments in which we hear that still small voice coming from God.

It’s so hard for me to be still. I worry about all the things on my agenda. Even when I don’t have anything that needs to be done, my mind still finds places to wander. So, here’s just something practical that’s helped me to better focus my mind, heart, and attention on God:
-tell God specific things that you are thankful for
-praise God for specific things about his being
-recall things he has done for you

I would encourage you to intentionally set aside a time to cease striving. To be still. And to know that God is God.
My prayer is that God will richly bless you in this time of stillness, and that he would give you knowledge of him and an overwhelming peace.


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